Transition Topics

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    Intro to Hello Kindergarten!

    Going to kindergarten is an exciting time for children and families. Along with the excitement, there are often questions about starting school and being ready. This online toolkit will walk families through what they need…

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    You are your child’s first and most important teacher!

    You know your child better than anyone else. You are not only your child’s first teacher, you are your child’s permanent and most important teacher. Educators are important, but temporary partners in the process. Your…

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    Getting ready for kindergarten – having fun and learning too!

    There are so many fun things to do – at home and in your community! Singing, dancing, climbing, building, playing games, pretending, telling stories, reading together, drawing, and painting are all easy and important ways…

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    What should your child know and be able to do before he/she goes off to kindergarten?

    10 skills to look for as your child develops in the months before kindergarten – but remember not all children will have every one of these skills before kindergarten starts, and that’s okay. Kindergarten teachers…

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    Healthy start in kindergarten

    Connecticut Medical Requirements for Enrollment in Kindergarten The Health Assessment Form (HAR-3) is mandatory for kindergarten children. The required immunizations, physical examinations, and developmental and health screenings are all recorded on this form. Families must…

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    How to register for kindergarten

    For information on kindergarten in Connecticut, visit Connecticut’s Official State Website using this link. You’ll find a brochure which answers some frequently asked questions about kindergarten entry, enrollment, and attendance. For specific information on registering…

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    What happens in kindergarten?

    Watch this short video with your child to get a quick look at a typical day in kindergarten. After you’ve had a peek at what a typical day looks like, we’ll talk more about what happens…

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    Planning is fun, and practice makes perfect!

    As the first day of kindergarten gets closer, plan and practice for the big day. Go shopping and help your child pick out a backpack and school supplies. Put your child’s name on everything that…

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    Taking care of the unique needs of children with disabilities who are transitioning to kindergarten

    When a child turns three, the public schools are required to provide special education and related services to eligible children. If your child has a disability and has been determined to be eligible, he/she can…

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    Time to visit!

    A smooth and successful transition to kindergarten is a gradual one! Preschool teachers generally begin to talk with families about kindergarten transition fairly early in the pre-kindergarten year, and the conversation continues through the entire…

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    Here we come – the big day!

    Congratulations! You have been thinking about your child’s transition to kindergarten for a long time. You’ve been supporting your child’s transition by doing some research, talking to friends and family who have been through the…

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