Healthy start in kindergarten


Connecticut Medical Requirements for Enrollment in Kindergarten

  • The Health Assessment Form (HAR-3) is mandatory for kindergarten children. The required immunizations, physical examinations, and developmental and health screenings are all recorded on this form.
  • Families must show proof that their kindergarteners have received:
    • a series of required immunizations
    • a recent physical examination by a physician licensed to practice medicine in the United States.
  • Children enrolling in kindergarten must have received developmental as well as vision and hearing screenings.
  • Families can request exemption from immunization requirements based on either religious or medical grounds.
    • Based on Religious Beliefs
      • To be exempt, families must submit a statement that immunization is against their religious beliefs.
      • Fill out the Religious Exemption Statement here (CT Religious Exemption Statement). The form must be given to the school prior to enrollment and must be acknowledged and signed by one of the officials listed at the bottom of the form.
    • Based on Medical Reasons
      • To be exempt, families must submit a statement that their child should not be immunized for medical reasons.
      • Fill out the Medical Exemption Statement here (CT Medical Exemption Certification Statement). The form must be given to the school prior to enrollment.
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