How do I register my child for kindergarten?

Families register their children for kindergarten with their local school district. Generally, school districts promote kindergarten registration widely throughout their communities. There are often community events for kindergarten orientation and registration. Districts provide families with advance knowledge of the various items of information they need to bring to registration, for example, birth certificates, proof of residency, medical forms, etc. The Health Assessment Form (HAR-3) is mandatory for kindergarten children and must have the doctor’s signature and stamp. The required immunizations, physical examinations, and developmental and health screenings are all recorded on this form.

If you are moving into a new community just before school starts or have missed the public promotion of kindergarten activities for some other reason, you can visit your school district’s web site for specific information. Take a look at one district’s web site, Registration-Windsor Public Schools. Scroll down to find kindergarten registration.

Or insert the name of your town and search: ________ public school kindergarten registration.

You can also contact your school district’s central office directly to inquire about how to register your child for kindergarten.

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